turbines polarised-resized

In a recent chat on a FaceBook photography group I mentioned to one of the members that, as they were taking pictures of fish in ponds, it might be worth looking at a polarising filter.

I tried to explain, by using my example from a previous post, the effect of a circular polarising filter. The main advantage that I’ve seen is to be able to adjust the strength of polarising on your picture.

The 2 pictures on this page were taken from approximately 2 miles away, with my camera resting on a jumper on my car roof. Apart from converting them from RAW to jpeg, then resizing them to a file size that loads at a decent speed on the internet I’ve made no changes to these pictures.

In a later post, I’ll edit the polarised picture a little bit. Or a little lot.

The picture below is without a polarising filter. The pictures were taken from the same location within a few minutes of each other.

turbines no polarised-resized