Show an 18 year old a map and they’ll struggle to identify it. Clearly this thing has no relation to ┬áthat thing called a Satnav, or the talking maps thing on the phone.

Apparently, 43 year olds don’t do much better, as this BBC news article highlights.
The article is worth reading through to the end before you watch the video.
There was a story on the radio at the time that a Police Officer at the scene suggested that the driver just needed to “look out of his car window now and again”.

I very rarely use my SatNav or that thing on the phone, and an incident in Newcastle recently confirmed my healthy disrespect for them.

Cobalt Business Park is the largest office park in the UK and is huge. We recently stayed at a hotel there, and we used the Google maps on the pone thing.

Fortunately, we also looked out of the window.

Just beyond this ‘No Entry’ sign, which the SatNav chose to ignore,

no entry sign

Lay this bear pit.

bus pit cobalt newcastle

The warning signs ought to give some clues about the havoc you may face if you attempt this.

The car in the picture looks like a Peugeot 206, the bus is clearly an Optare.

Peugeot 206 1652mm wide. The Optare Alero is 2m wide.

Those 35cm mean everything!