I work a lot with schools. A comment often heard is that ‘experts who really don’t understand schools are forever dabbling’.

A few years ago we went to Canada and had a few days in Toronto. We came across this building.
I’m colour blind, so tend to look at form and patterns.

This building is one of the most hideous I’ve seen.

Why is it so ugly and who allowed public money to be spent on this?
I saw the building and took the photo for the ‘ugly folder’ then I read the sign.

queens park toronto

Why is the building so ugly? Once your eye is drawn to the asymmetrical window and balcony (?) on the 4th floor on the right, you then start to spot other strange things.

When we then came across the sign below, it was almost a relief. Controversy? I bet the locals were livid when it was finally unveiled.

toronto queens park sign