Today I took my mobile phone for a run around Bradgate Park. On my other website, I am making details of running, and walking, routes.
Here are a few of those pictures. These are all resized images from a mobile phone, click on the images for the full res. picture.

This is the thatched cottage near the cross roads in Cropston village near the reservoir. Fortunately, it’s not the busiest junction in the world, but it does have it’s fair share of blind spots.

cropston village

On the trail back from the monument to the car park at Newton Linford is this tree. If you’re walking on the footpath from Newton Linford to Cropston, this tree is above you, out of sight.

tree bradgate park (Medium)

There is a trail between the Hallgates car park (Cropston side of the park) which will take you up the boundary wall to the higher car park (Hunts Hill), on a clear day there are spectacular views across the park and the county. Sometimes you’ll even hold your camera straight.

old john bradgate park