After the mayhem of the Colour Run in Hinckley, this made a nice change.

It’s hard to believe that this is within a few hundred yards of a very, very busy dual carriageway.

This is the packhorse bridge at Anstey, spanning Rothley Brook.

packhorse bridge anstey

In other posts on this site I have mentioned the benefit of using a polarising filter. Click on the image above for a higher sized picture, then look at the water in the foreground. Without a polariser reflected glare was a problem on this part of the picture.

Anstey has some fascinating history, according to Wikipedia. Ned Ludd (he of the Luddites) was a past resident, 12th century remains were found when building the co-op, a party from Bonnie Prince Charlie’s army got this far. Besides all that, legend has it that last wolf to be shot in England was in this village.