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Canon 90D Focussing

The Canon 90D is a very, very impressive DSLR and takes a little bit of mastering.
Welcome to the first blog on my new website.


I have a Canon 90D and 70-200II lens for my sports photography work. The continued lockdown in 2020-21 has given the opportunity to fine tune a lot of settings before the sports events re-start.


Here’s an image I managed with this set up – a local buzzard in a local quarry. I estimate the buzzard was something like 200 metres away and the day was slightly hazy.



Capture One 21 generates very high quality images from the Canon raw files and also provides a very powerful set of editing tools. It’s a stunning tool for applying the same edit to multiple images and can save an otherwise poorly exposed set of images.


Here’s the screen grab of the 23MB CRAW CR3 Canon image, showing in Capture One.




The buzzard is taking something like 3% of the image space, so is actually only a 1MB image, maximum. The next screen grab is the same image, being edited in Affinity Photo.
This is not a perfect image, but for this distance in these conditions it’s heading the right way.

The 90D is a bit of a ‘Formula 1’ of Digital SLRs, it’s very capable but takes a bit of getting used to.
There is a fabulous Facebook group, where one of the members posted a bunch of settings to ‘tweak’ the camera for sports work and this whole set of images were taken using those settings. Hopefully, someone on the group wil let me know that they posted this information and I’ll more than happily give credit to them.

Here are the settings:-


90D custom settings
Canon 90D custom settings

The next blog post will explain some of these settings.
Before that – here are a few resources to check (no affiliate links).
Michael the Maven Youtube 90D tutorial

Canon EOS 90D – Guide to Digital Photography  By David Busch
(Publisher Site)




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