Why this blog?

I run a company specialising in ICT solutions to primary schools within an hour of our offices Systems and Education. We’ve been in business over 11 years, and look after 2,500+ PCs in the schools we work with.

As I’m not (nor have been) a teacher, I’ve found it essential to spend a lot of time in the last 3-4 years to try to fully understand the needs of teaching staff.  Technology, ideas and resources are changing at a very rapid pace, and teachers are struggling to keep up to date.

By developing this blog, I’m providing a resource for our existing customers, and (hopefully) showing potential customers that we are much more than just AN other company trying to supply as much kit as possible to overwhelmed schools.

The Other Reason

I’m incredibly inquisitive and actually enjoy researching information. (Well, the TV’s rubbish these days!). So, I’m probably more like an enthusiastic 10 year old than a worn out 40+ (+++) year old. One decade later:(

In addition to hardware and software solutions we are now also able to assist in school planning, training and ICT Mark work.

Based in Leicestershire,  (in the East Midlands in England), I’m a keen walker, a panting runner and an improving photographer!

Many years ago (ie more than 20 – more like 30) I obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bradford.
How has that helped me? The experience taught me to be inquisitive and that somewhere out there is the answer.

Happily married for 25 years, we’ve got 3 kids who eat all our food.

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